Wednesday, August 12

7 injuries and pains Physiotherapy can solve

When you hear “Physiotherapy”, you may or may not be getting the right picture in your head. Physiotherapy does not just include body massages; a Carina physio can alleviate pains through exercise or heat treatment. Find out how Physiotherapy relieves the following ailments.

1. Lower back pain

Lower back pain doesn’t always require pain-killers; however, you shouldn’t just try any exercise on your own, either. You might do more harm than good. As a result, you need a Carina physio to educate you about the most suitable exercise routine. For instance, you should avoid toe touching because this might stress out your spine’s ligaments and disks. Instead, try partial crunches, which can strengthen your back and muscles.

2. Dry needling

Carindale doctors and physiotherapists use dry needling to target areas that aren’t palpable. For example, they may use a thin filiform needle to penetrate trigger points. These are bands of skeletal muscles that cause pain in your other body parts when they’re touched. Besides that purpose, dry needling can also relieve pain, release muscle tension, and even speed up a person’s active rehabilitation.

3. Tension headache

This headache can stem from poor posture, muscle tension, and issues in the upper spine. If you’re experiencing headaches because of those reasons, Carina physio experts can effectively treat you. Using joint manipulations and massage, they can re-establish the correct movement and provide short-term relief. As for long-term treatments, they might suggest an exercise programme or lifestyle changes.

4. Joint mobilisations

If you’ve been injured, a physiotherapist can help you through joint mobilisation, a form of manual therapy. This treatment comes in five grades, Grade 1–5, all aiming to activate the mechanoreceptors in your joints. In addition, this physio treatment can also come in the form of exercises that also aim to minimise pain. Take note that a joint mobilisation treatment should be shaped by your pain tolerance and your condition’s severity.

5. Lower limb injuries

The lower limb consists of body parts starting from your pelvis to your ankle. Meanwhile, the injuries can range from Achilles Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Groin Pain, Sciatica, Hip Osteoarthritis, Knee Pain, to Shin Splints. As for the treatment, physiotherapists can provide you with a thorough assessment and rehabilitation. Both of these treatments should focus on balance and proprioception, which is your ability to be aware of your body’s movement or position.

6. Neck pain

The culprits of neck pain can be either poor posture, a lasting injury pain, or even an undiagnosed chronic pain. That’s why you should look for a Carindale medical centre with a physio expert. They can help pinpoint the real cause of your neck pain. Even better, they can relieve it using passive and active therapies. The former’s goal is to relieve the pain and minimise the swelling; the latter’s aim is to improve your neck’s strength.

7. Strengthening and rehabilitation

For athletes, preventative training is crucial. This will help them avoid getting serious injuries. Therefore, if you’re training to become an athlete, you can consult a physio about the ideal warm-up programme. This will enhance your proprioception and improve your control with your limbs. In addition, you can also ask them to teach you effective warm-up strategies.


As you can see, Physiotherapy is more than just a massage. Physiotherapists can treat your pain and even help you prevent muscle injuries through pure physical therapy.

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