Wednesday, August 12

Aged Care in Gold Coast: What Family Members Should Know

If you are a successful person today, it is very likely you owe much of it to your parents. They surely made a lot of sacrifices in their lives for you. They worked hard, but inevitably, they are aging now. How would you like them to spend the last years of their lives? How would you compensate them somehow for all the care they provided you? Your aging parents and/or relatives would definitely be in very good hands in the homes for aged care in Gold Coast, Queensland.

Arcare, an accredited aged care services provider in Victoria and Queensland, offers aged care services in several homes for aged care in Gold Coast. Their services include all the professional care that your aging loved one requires. Two service modalities are available, namely residential care in sanctuary manors, and in-home care. People opting for the former can enjoy permanent care service in sanctuary manors; in the latter, the same quality services can be enjoyed at home. Moreover, more specialized services are also offered, which include dementia care, respite care, palliative care, nursing services, and disability care.

  • Dementia is one of the most challenging diseases for the aging person and their relatives. We specialized in handling the transition of a family member from home into Gold Coast area aged care homes. This period can be extremely emotional and stressful, but Arcare has the professional staff to assist both the aging person and their relatives.
  • Respite care is provided in one of the Gold Coast aged care homes, for a minimum of two weeks, to give a break for families and carers from the routine of in-home care. Additionally, your aging loved one can experience the expert residential care.
  • Palliative care is given to the individuals in the very last stage of their lives, and this service ensures that the last days of the individual’s life are of the highest quality possible.

All these services are provided by professionals who are passionate about their job, committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of your aging loved one. The high quality of these services has made Arcare one of the most innovative and recognized aged care providers in Australia. Check it out at Arcare

Arcare is the reference in Australia for the quality of aging care in the Gold Coast. Much of this success is the result of the use of a relationship-focused model of care, which emphasizes the central importance relationships in all of our lives. Therefore, in the aged care homes in the Gold Coast, this approach ensures that relationships between residents, clients, employees, volunteers and family members are developed, and deepen when these relationships are established.

One important element of this relationship-focused approach is the way old age is regarded. Arcare breaks with the traditional view of old age as a sickness, and instead, celebrates longevity; for this sake, our professionals are encouraged to contribute to the growth of the mind and spirit of your aged loved ones. For all these reasons, an Arcare’s aged care in Gold Coast is the best option to ensure the proper care of your aged loved one