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Enjoying the Noosa waves through Little Cove surfing

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Noosa is one of the most popular Australia destinations for different watersports. It houses various beaches for unique surfing experience and Little Cove is one of the best you can choose. You just need to find the best Little Cove Noosa accommodation for you. Then, you can enjoy all the waves you want, and try different watersports in the place.

Why choose Little Cove for your Noosa surfing enjoyment

Little cove has lots of perks for surfers and tourists in Noosa. It offers a thrilling surfing experience, and it has Noosa accommodation on the beach for a quick or long stay as well.

Perfect for beginners and longboarders

Little Cove has usual wave height of 1 to 3 feet which is perfect for beginners and longboarders. Thus, longboarders among your family or companions can enjoy the place, while teaching beginners who want to learn. Moreover, professional surfing lessons are available to help as well.

Smaller crowd

Surfers and their companions usually pack longboarding beaches, whether in Noosa or some other places. In the town, First Point is the main attraction for longboarders. But Little Cove is equally fantastic to enjoy the waves. The only difference is Little Cove has a lesser bulk of people since more surfers choose the other. Take a look at RW Noosa Holidays

Thus, you can go on your longboard without too many distractions. Moreover, there are Noosa accommodation houses which are easy to reach as well.

Fabulous sceneries

Aside from surfing activities, Little Cove has wonderful sceneries you can enjoy as well. It features alluring cove with refreshing trees, making it a perfect place to relax and unwind. And that’s wonderful after you enjoy the waves, especially if you get Little Cove Noosa accommodation just at the beach.

Notes to remember before surfing on the Little Cove

Yes, the Little Cove is fascinating for surfers. But you need to take note of these points for a more enjoyable experience:

  • You can spot Little Cove after the First Point. From Hastings Street, walk towards the Noosa National Park. You can also reach it by car, and park it right at the Little Cove, at the National Park carpark, or at the end of Hastings Street.
  • There’s only one big disadvantage when surfing in Little Cove. Big side sweeping waves can happen during large swells. This could be difficult for shortboarders to avoid.
  • You can spot a few turtles while surfing at the Little Cove. Be sure not to hurt them as you have fun.
  • The beaches of Noosa usually have crowds of tourists. Yes, Little Cove may have relatively lesser visitors than First Point. But it’s still best to book a Little Cove Noosa accommodation before coming. That helps you make sure of having a room during your stay.

Remember these points so you can enjoy the Little Cove to the fullest. It can satisfy you with big enjoyments through the waves, and help you relax on its fabulous cove and refreshing sceneries. Just be sure to find accommodation for you to stay.

And if you want a Noosa accommodation luxury choice, check out Find the accommodation that’s perfect for your surfing vacation in Noosa.